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Reverse Mortgage Information: The Benefits and Disadvantages of a Reverse Mortgage

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How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work? Reverse mortgages are becoming increasingly popular as senior citizens learn more information about the concept of how a reverse mortgage works. A reverse mortgage works like a regular home mortgage loan, but in “reverse”, which means that the reverse mortgage would allow you to receive tax-free payments in exchange… Read more »

Credit Card Debt Takes over Borrowers’ Lives

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In a dramatic devolving paradigm shift over the last five decades, Americans have come to accept excessive debt as part and parcel of daily life. Unfortunately, the credit card has become a tool to subsidize the American lifestyle, ‘living beyond your means.’ Since there are no longer any societal and cultural stigmas attached to possessing… Read more »

Time to Understand your Consumer Credit Report

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Since the first charge card was launched in 1949 by Diner’s Club. Fifty nine years later, people have become consummate consumers; making more than $2 trillion in transactions each year. Increasingly, Americans are using credit cards more than cash. As credit card use has increased, so have the complexities of these credit instruments. Herein, it… Read more »