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Before a Student Loan Consolidation, Consider These 5 Drawbacks

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When considering student loan consolidation, there are a number of variables to consider. The process has both its advantages and disadvantages, all which should be reviewed before jumping into consolidation. The following list contains five potential drawbacks of student loans that students should be familiar with to get some help with debt. Fixed Interest Rate… Read more »

The Fair Credit Reporting Act: Watching Over Borrowers

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One of the most comprehensive consumer protection laws regulating credit is known as the fair credit reporting act. Enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, this federal law requires credit reporting agencies (CRAs) to act fairly and equitably when collecting, disseminating, and utilizing consumer credit information. The act ensures that credit bureaus ensure the accuracy, pertinence,… Read more »

The Pivotal Concept of Credit Card Rates

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Credit cards facilitate the lives of millions of Americans by ensuring the attainment of emergency funds, the affordability of large expenditures, the payment of purchases overseas, and the booking of reservations, among other things. For fiscally-responsible consumers, credit cards are a formidable, convenient tool enabling them to achieve a multitude of money management objectives. Before… Read more »

Ensure Accuracy & Avoid Identity Fraud with Free Credit Reports

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In the United States, the ability for individuals to make large purchases, obtain loans or rent out property is all dependent upon their credit worthiness. The truth is without a decent credit rating, life can become extremely difficult. This is because financial lending institutions perform a thorough credit check before lending out any money. Therefore,… Read more »

The Benefits and Services provided By a Credit Union

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When it comes to obtaining money for personal needs, such as student loans, home loans, and other kinds of financial services, banks are a popular type of lending institution that many borrowers turn to for help. However, many people are beginning to discover that banks are not the only option available in today’s lending market…. Read more »

Change in FHA Loans Aim to Curb Mortgage Foreclosures

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In an effort to aide homeowners in the growing mortgage crisis, the federal government has announced it will make changes to its Federal Home Loan Administration insured-loan program. Now, a wider range of individuals will be able to qualify for the program. Consequently, these modifications, along with lowered interest rates, have caused an increase in… Read more »