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You will find the multi purpose calculator at the bottom of this page.

Mortgage Payment Calculator Find out your monthly payments for different types of loans such as, mortgage, auto, or any other type of loan.  You can also include your taxes and insurance for a more detailed mortgage loan calculation.

Mortgage Loan with Interest-Only Calculator Calculate your interest-only mortgage payments.  You can also include the interest period and number of years before sale for a more personalized calculation.

Mortgage Length Calculator Watch your mortgage term go down if you pay extra each month towards your mortgage.  See how many years you can shave of the length of your mortgage.

Extra Payments Loan Calculator Find out how an additional amount on top of your regular mortgage payment can save you in interest over time.

Cost Per Thousand Calculator See your interest rate and other loan charges cost per thousand dollars of loan. Calculate your payment per thousand, annual payment per thousand, and life-time payment per thousand.

Real APR Calculator Calculate your real interest rate which includes your down payment, loan interest rate, monthly payment, mortgage term, and closing costs.

Affordability Calculator Know how much home you can afford before your home buying journey starts. Know your budget in advance so that you can be more efficient with your time.

Tax Benefits Calculator Get detailed tax savings during the first several years of your mortgage as well cumulative tax savings over the entire home loan term.

Should I Refinance? Does it make sense to refinance to a lower interest rate and restart your mortgage term? See if does.

Should I Pay Points to Lower Interest Rate? Find out your true savings every month before you decide to purchase points.

Should I Use HELOC to Reduce Monthly Payments? HELOCs can be used to pay off higher interest debt and also help with debt consolidation.

Income Qualification Before you buy your home, take your monthly income and new mortgage into account. Discover the perfectly priced home that complements your budget.

Second Mortgages Take the time to understand how a second mortgage can impact your monthly payments.

Loan Comparison Compare two different loan options side by side at one time and decide which loan suits your needs.

Buy vs Rent Calculator Does it make sense to buy a home or just rent for the time being?  Sometimes home buying is a better option because of associated tax advantages and investment.

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