Refinance Your Mortgage For the Right Reasons and at the Right Time

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Among the list of assets a person can own, a home is one of the best.  Generally, the property value of a home will increase as the years pass. And during the course of home ownership, the homeowner is investing their hard-earned money into their own financial holdings, rather than in a landlord’s financial holdings. The reasons and benefits of owning a home are many, so most homeowners who experience financial problems will sacrifice many other things and activities, before they even consider giving up on keeping their home.

When personal and financial circumstances change, some homeowners may begin looking into the possibility of a mortgage refinance loan.  There are many reasons a person might need mortgage refinancing, but solving financial problems and home improvement are two of the most common reasons.  Fortunately, a mortgage refinance loan is easy to apply for and the requirements to meet are minimal.

Mortgage refinancing means that the initial loan used to purchase the home is being paid off by the proceeds from a new loan.  It might sound nonsensical to replace one loan with another; however, there are many reasons that mortgage refinancing could be to a homeowner’s benefit.

One reason a homeowner might choose mortgage refinancing is to save money on their monthly payment.  When a person refinances, it may be possible to secure a lower interest rate and lower payments.  This could result in the homeowner having additional funds to spend each month.  These funds could be used to make improvements to the property or to cover the expensive university costs for a child. 

Of course, saving money on interest every month equals saving even more money over the course of the next few years.  Therefore, anytime a debt can be refinanced at a lower interest rate, it is a good idea to do so. 

Another possible reason for mortgage refinancing is to change a variable interest rate into a fixed one.  For example, there are mortgage loans that charge a very low interest rate.  This may seem like a great deal at first, but if the current mortgage payment happens to be less than the interest the loan accrues, the balance of the loan will consistently increase.  The result is that the homeowner is not making progress in paying off their mortgage; for the homeowner, this is kind of like running in place. Someone in this situation might want to look into mortgage refinancing with a fixed interest rate and set payments to ensure that they will one day be mortgage-free.

In order for a homeowner to get mortgage refinancing, they must first decide on a mortgage lender. Since there are numerous lenders to choose from, it is a good idea to do a little research and find the one who offers the best rate and/or loan package. There are different rules and fees associated with the many home mortgage refinance loans in the marketplace.  Anyone considering mortgage refinancing should compare the various types of loans to determine which one will prove to be most beneficial in their particular situation. And one should not forget to consider all fees and charges connected to a loan, as part of the overall loan package.  The application for mortgage refinancing is a fairly simple procedure and can be done in person or online.  Many institutions have set up online versions of their applications to make the approval process quicker and more convenient for the borrower.  The application requires general information from the homeowner such as, name, address, age, etc.  The lender will also need to know the loan amount being requested, the property value, and the estimated payoff on the current mortgage.   With this information, the lender should be able to decide if mortgage refinancing is the best option.

If the loan looks possible, the lender will do a credit check.  Good credit is the most important requirement in being approved for any loan including mortgage refinancing.  Generally, if a person already owns a home, their credit will be pretty good.  However, sometimes the reason a homeowner wants the mortgage loan refinance in the first place, is because they are having a hard time paying their bills.  Mortgage refinancing may allow them to better manage their finances.  For this reason, many lenders can justify mortgage refinancing for someone who may be viewed as having bad credit.

In today’s economy, there is a lot of movement with interest rates.  Sometimes the changes are hard to keep up with.  However, keeping an eye on mortgage rates can be very beneficial to a homeowner.  While it is not advantageous to refinance a mortgage every time interest rates drop a half a point, it is a good idea to watch for significant decreases.  Knowing if and when mortgage refinancing benefits a homeowner can save a great deal of money in the long run.  

Each individual homeowner must decide for him or herself if home mortgage refinancing is the right thing to do in their own situation. Many mortgage refinancing lenders offer a mortgage calculator on their website, so don’t be afraid to investigate your options. Interest rates are still low, but they are on their way up. If someone believes that mortgage refinancing could be beneficial to his or her financial situation, the time to move on that decision is soon. If a mortgage-refinancing loan can be beneficial to a homeowner now, the truth is that it is hard-to-say whether that benefit will still be there one year from now.

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