Free Debt Consolidation Services

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One of the major factors contributing to America’s current financial crisis is the increasing amount of people who are drowning in debt! Rising interest rates, finance charges and other types of hidden fees are just some of the reasons for why many Americans are unable to get out of debt. Whether the debt is a result of credit cards, personal loans, or medical bills, every debtor should be aware of the solutions available to reduce their financial burden.

For instance, one of the most common methods for achieving deft relief is through consolidation. The practice of debt consolidation works by combining all of the individual’s debt into a single loan.

Free Debt Help
Fortunately when burdened with debt, individuals can turn to debt consolidation services to help them get back on track with their finances. In fact, debt consolidation services are specifically meant for people who require support and guidance as a result of financial mismanagement. Although some debt consolidation companies charge certain fees for their services, many offer assistance to consumers at no charge. Similar to for-profit debt consolidation organizations, non-profit organizations offer various types of free debt consolidation services and personal assistance to consumers.

In addition to getting expert advice, support and guidance, debtors are also able to reap other benefits by seeking consultation through free debt consolidation services. Because the objective is to help consumers get out of debt and solve their financial problems, consolidators provide the following debt management services to help individuals pay down their debts:

  • Negotiate lower interest rates
  • Reduce monthly payments
  • Budget planning tips
  • Answers and solutions to financial questions
  • Guidelines to prevent future financial trouble

Choosing Credible Free Debt Consolidation Services

While consumers do have access to free debt consolidation services, it’s important for them to be cautious when it comes to choosing the right company to work with. For instance, if a company that is claiming to offer free debt consolidation services asks the consumer to make any type of payment upfront, or requests a “contribution” because they are a non-profit organization, the red flag should immediately go up.It’s important for consumers to remember that if companies advertise free debt consolidation services, they should never be asked to pay any type of upfront fees or service charge in exchange for debt help.

Another way to ensure the credibility of various debt consolidation services is to contact the local Better Business Bureau office. The BBB office records the ratings which are given to businesses based on both the positive and negative feedback provided by existing and/or previous customers. Consumers can also perform preliminary research on free debt consolidation services through the Internet by browsing different search engines, reading various consumer reviews and blogs, and finding forums that showcase people’s real life experience with the company in question.

Although consolidation may not be the answer to everyone’s financial problems, many consumers have, and continue to find financial relief by combining their debt into a single loan. With the help and guidance provided by debt consolidation services, individuals can reduce their overall debt faster and get on the road to financial independence.

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