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Educational Dream Becomes a Nightmare in the Face of Student Loan Debt

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Although once perceived as a ticket to a successful future and to financial security, a four-year university degree in America has become a ticket to years of debt slavery. Approximately 37 million American students are holding an estimated $867 million to $1 trillion in unresolved educational debt according to statistics compiled by the Federal Reserve… Read more »

Understanding the Basics of Bankruptcy

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The purpose of bankruptcy law is to provide a framework in which both individuals and businesses can resolve debt obligations they cannot otherwise meet. The term “bankruptcy” in the popular vernacular is used broadly, but in fact there are many types of bankruptcy proceedings. The truth is that other attempts at debt resolution, like loan… Read more »

Home Equity Loan

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In a home equity loan, the consumer takes out a second mortgage on their home by essentially borrowing against how much of the home they actually “own.” (Basically how much of their current mortgage amount has been paid.) That “equity” is measured against how much the property is currently worth on the real estate market… Read more »

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposes Debt Collector, Credit Reporting Oversight

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In response to a flood of complaints about debt collectors and credit bureaus, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has proposed a new rule that would make the biggest players in these genres — including Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian — subject to the same oversight policies that apply to banks. The agency, which was created under… Read more »

Dave Ramsey Says He’s Telling You the Truth About Debt Consolidation

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Dave Ramsey says he’ll tell you the truth about debt consolidation. The process doesn’t work. Debt isn’t the problem. It’s the symptom. The only way you can resolve your debt is to change your habits. And he’s right. Most of us get into debt for one reason. We spend without discipline, generally using high interest-rate… Read more »

Consumers Were Lured to Use Credit During the 2011 Holiday Season

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For months now, financial experts have emphasized the need for renewed consumer confidence to bolster the sagging American economy. According to data collected by the Federal Reserve, Americans did just that over the Black Friday weekend, to the tune of $52 billion. Unfortunately, that “money” was actually spent with the swipe of a credit card,… Read more »