Debt Settlement and Management in Rhode Island

Rhode Island debt relief, which can include tax debt relief, partially or entirely removes debt that a person has developed over the years.  Instead of having to pay off their debts, people who opt for debt relief have their debts erased, at least partially.  Chapter 7 is a common bankruptcy practice for debt relief.

Rhode Island debt settlement, also known as debt negotiation or debt arbitration, involves an agreement between the creditor and debtor that involves the debtor paying a reduced balance on their debt.  When creditors stop receiving their minimum monthly payments, the debtor can make an arrangement with the creditor by themselves or with the help of a Providence debt settlement company or credit counseling center.  Settling the debtor’s balance amount can put the debtor on the road to credit repair.

Rhode Island debt management is a method used to pay off personal unsecured debts.  Often, these debts are consistently growing.  Payments may be coming later or not at all, or paying off the debt takes up too large of a portion of income.


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